He Ascended

John shares about the ascension of Jesus, and explains the impact this has on us, as the Body of Christ, and the immenseness of what Jesus accomplishe...View Details

Philip’s Example

Continuing our journey of going after healing and the miraculous, John shares Philip's example. An ordinary man. A follower of Christ, filled with the...View Details


Join us for this special sermon with Sebastian Floor sharing about the significance of a blameless church and how Jesus will present us to the Father....View Details


Building on the foundations laid by John's sermons over the last few weeks, Darryl helps us understand how easy it is to minister healing to others. W...View Details

John challenged us from the book of Acts to see how our mindsets need to be continually renewed to cope with increased Kingdom thinking. We took time ...View Details

Stretch Out Your Hand

Continuing to build on the foundation of the past few weeks, John shares with us the significance of the church body going after the signs, wonders an...View Details

The Cornerstone

We loved getting to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this past Sunday! His death, burial, and resurrection changed the course of all of creation fo...View Details

A refreshing and encouraging message about the time of refreshing that's upon us, and peace found in knowing that God has 'got this' in the current ti...View Details

It's a time and a season where we will see the miraculous crashing into the 'impossibilities' of human circumstances. Encountering the power of God in...View Details

The Lame Will Walk

Continuing from last week's message highlighting the miracle Jesus performed by healing the blind man, we see His disciples healing a lame man in fron...View Details

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